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February 15, 2006
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Hi, I'm a newbie. I don't even have a TV tuner card yet, I'm just futzing around with options and Media Portal looks like the stuff.

One thing I noticed with BeyondTV is that FM is recordable. I searched a bit through the forum but didn't see any mention of this -

is there a way to record and replay FM or internet radio as mp3?
How about internet TV as xvid or something?



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    FM radio recording is on the todo list, and with MPs ability to now use a radio schedule I think its moving very close.

    Mediaportal has no way of using IPTV at this stage so there is no recording available.


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    February 18, 2005
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    Internet TV is sort of supported.
    IPTV is indeed not supported, but if you mean internet streams (asx files and the like) which you could also play in eg. WMP, you can use them.
    Try locating an asx file and drop it in the streams folder of the radio plugin (OK, that's not fully logical, but it works :)).
    (which folder?: MPsettings->myradio->streams folder setting. Also for webradio)
    If you have trouble watching it fullscreen (first try an x, the standard shortcut), try finding the MyTrailers pluging, which, as a nice side effect or just install a newer CVS.

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