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November 6, 2005
Brisbane, Australia
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Area: Media Portal Program / Recorded TV
MP Version: 0.2 RC2
Skin: Blue Two
Windows Version: XP Pro SP2
CPU Type: Intel Celeron 2.66
Memory: 512MB Generic
Motherboard Chipset: MSI P4MAM2-V
Video Card: ATI Radeon 9250
Video Card Driver: Catalyst 05.10
Video Card Resolution: 1024x768
Video Render Type: VMR9
Video Codec Type & Version: Nero
Audio Codec Type & Version: MPEG/AC3/DTS/LPCM
TV Card: Compro Videomate DVB-T300
TV Card Type: DVB
TV Card Driver: ComproDTV2.6.0.9

I'm having a problem with recorded TV.
When I view something that I've recorded and I want to seek through the commercials the screen just shows a paused image. The recorded video hangs.
If I press play again, the frozen image stays on the screen.
I have to then stop playing, exit to the videos list, and start again.
If I try to resume playing from where I left off, it is still frozen. I need to start again from the beginning.
If I play the recording without stopping at all, it works perfectly.
It doesn't matter if I access the file from MyTV / recorded TV or from MyVideos.
The strange thing is that some of the recorded files work fine, and some don't.
Any clues?


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  • February 23, 2005
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    A couple of suggestions:-

    Try a different video decoder/filter - Dscaler or nVIDIA are excellent.

    Failing that, post your MediaPortal.log file from a "hung" instance.

    Your video card is below specs - you need one that supports DirectX 9 fully which is a 9500 up for the ATI range.


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    November 6, 2005
    Brisbane, Australia
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    Australia Australia
    I forgot to change my spec notes when I replaced my video card, it's actually a Radeon 9600XT. Sorry for that.
    I've got the nVidia codec so I'll try that.
    I'll try to find the Dscaler codec on the net.
    Thanks for your help.


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    January 26, 2006
    This happens to me too once in a while, and although I haven't figured out what the problem is, I found out that compressing the recording to MPEG2 works as a workaround for the seeking problem.

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