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I would like to see the ability to manage files from within MP.

At the moment it seems to me that the current version only allows you to play or delete from within MyTV. To keep the recording for longer means cluttering up the RECORDED TV list, the only option is to move it in explorer. This results in the current DB in Movies/Videos losing track and unable to play a selected recording in certain MyVideo views even though they display the file.

If folder/file info were read in to the list as the system finds it, you could store and access files from any drive or folder. I understand that certain file information is stored within the file, (title/description/etc).

I do see the benifits in having a DB to manage and to check its status if viewed or not. But when using it to manage files you run the risk of having orphand data in your database if a file is manually moved or deleted.

A solution to this maybe to add an accompanying data file, created when a recoring starts, using the same name/different file extention (.dat or somthing) to store system management data for that recording, (viewed,resume, etc). Data is written to this file on a relevant event etc.

This file can be moved with the actual tv/movie file, thus ALL relevant system info will remain intact regardless of where it is located. Filters can also use info stored in the dat file.

The user should be allowed to choose to keep, move or delete a file as desired rather than just play/delete. Afterall people will need to manage disk space as an when needed.

Also would be nice to have ...

The option to write/edit in the descriptive fields to change the title/genre/cast/etc.

A field for the type of file, movie/tv/home video etc

The ability to move a recorded tv file to another folder.

Keep up the good work.


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    Yep the My TV, Recorded TV window is pretty cluttered at the moment...

    perhaps we could sort these shows by .....Watched, Unwatched

    we also need to be able to rename them inside MP as renaming them outside MP looses the file from the database

    also we need to scan for older TV shows..that were recorded from older builds...perhaps this can be done in the Music is sorted into a library

    If hard disc space does become an issue i usually use the My Burner plugin to convert to Mpeg and then use Tmpegenc / FlaskMpeg to convert to Xvid/MP3

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