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January 13, 2005

this may be a stupid question, but since I'm new to MP and I found no clear answer on my forum and wiki searches I dare to ask it out loud:

* What kind of format is TS?

It seems that all MP recordings I have end with TS... I understood from the forum that this is some sort of TimeShifting-enabled Transport Stream.

* So, but how to convert this to DVR-MS?

A lot of topics talk about automatic conversion from DVR-MS to MPEG... so I guess once I got DVR-MS files I'd be ok.

* Is there any way to directly record to DVR-MS in MP?

From the posts I read I came to believe that MP used to directly record to DVR-MS and that this has changed and/or is about to change again...

So, anybody that is able to clarify the format used by MP (0.2) to record
digital TV shows (via DVB-T) and what are the future plans for coming-up versions would be appreciated.




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    TS is the native format used by the broadcasters, it contains all the video and audio of the tv channel you recorded. So it may contain multiple audio channels (comments, mpeg1/2, ac3). It plays back using a demux and regular mpeg2 codecs.

    DVR-MS format was just mpeg2 audio/video in a wrapper.

    Why would you want to convert to a dvr-ms file? Its has the same contents but is just a different format. If you convert to anything you might as well just convert it to an mpeg2 file.

    TS is going to be in and beyond.


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    January 13, 2005
    Thanks Callifo for this information.

    I was just wondering if I should convert this to DVR-MS as I found so many
    topics about this info. I assume hen recording from an analog source (e.g. PVR350) then DVR-MS is used, right ?

    So, all I need to be looking for is then a TS -> MPEG2 converter.

    Guess I'll try with TSConverter from GreenButton:



    TSConverter converts to DVR-MS, but I guess I can go from there :)

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