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April 13, 2009
My recordings always start like 10 min. before the TV show I have programmed for recording, even I have set it to start 0 min before recordings. Anyway, active recording show the ongoing program before the show I want to record, it should show the title of the show you have programmed to record.

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    You definitely have a problem there, works perfectly here, no matter what pre-record is set (mines normally 2 minutes).


    Would need more information about your setup and logs please, after you have reproduced the error.


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    July 18, 2010
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    I get this problem often. Seems to be due to the EPG being refreshed after the recording timer has been setup, and the EPG now having a slightly later start time for the show. Eg. Happy Days setup to record from 5:00-5:30 but then EPG updated with Happy Days starting from 5:02. The recording title is set to the previous show, that now ends 5:02. This happens with one-off timers and 'every day at set time' timers.

    Using the other advanced recording options don't get the problem as they move with the EPG time changes, but sometimes the same episode of a show is repeated at a different time and you don't want to record the repeats. (Our EPG does not contain episode numbers so I can't use the feature to skip duplicates.)

    Our broadcasters have a habit of initially having normal rounded start times for future days, but then change them on the day to a more accurate(?) start time which is always after the previously advised start time. So the problem is particularly annoying for recording movies (one-off).


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    November 14, 2006
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    I've never seen this myself, but it sounds like this could be a bug.

    What happens if I schedule a recording at 20:00 next friday. Thursday the EPG updates and the show I wanted to record was moved to 22:00. Will the recording start 20:00 or 22:00?

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