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Are there any plans to implement recording of TV as a windows service?
I use my PC as a multiuser system and therefore recording TV via a 'foreground' application does not work.
I really like the concept of GB-PVR which does all the recording via a dedicated 'recording service' - but because GB-PVR is not open source I want to switch to Media Portal.



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    I like the idea, and we have discussed this yes.
    But we could not find a good system yet.

    We r currently still focussing on making a HTPC app.
    Which means we r an app running 24/7 on a deticated HTPC.
    This scenario does not really need such a service.

    Now, this does not say we won't make this service.
    But for now focus is on the deticated HTPC.

    You think it's also needed in the scenario I just described?
    If you can come with a good reason we can always start the discussion in IRC again.

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