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March 24, 2008
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h.264 Video Codec: Power DVD 7 Stand 07.11.2008
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i (and some others) has a strange behavior when MP is recording scheduled Shows/Movies. In one of mabye three Cases MP starts and records correctly, but it ends with recording around twenty Minutes before the Movie is over. EPG is up to date and the Clock is syncronized with my radio controlled clock. That can´t be the Reason. Comskip or anything else is not installed.

This is really annoying! :D Thougt its a Feature made by the Developers to Boost our Fantasy, but i would rather decide by my own if i dont want to know the End and would prefer to imagine the Rest.

Und das ganze nochmal auf Deutsch:

MediaPortal hat seit Version 1.0 die lustige Angewohnheit, bei einer von drei Aufnahmen das Ende nicht mit aufzuzeichnen. D. h., es fehlen jeweils ca. 20 Minuten, und dass nervt. Die Zeit im Rechner und MP stimmt mit der Echtzeit überein, EPG ist stets aktuell, daran kanns also eigentlich nicht liegen. Comskip oder ähnliches scheidet als Ursache ebenfalls aus, das ist nämlich gar nicht installiert.

Hier nochmal der Link zum Thema im deutschen Forum:

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March 24, 2008
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I came to the same conclusion. Sorry, my Girlfriend watches TV, so i can´t get Logs.

When i gathered them i will post.



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    I have the same "problem", but the cause for this is that your EPG Provider, sends faulty data.
    I encounter this mainly with the german "KiKa" Channel. EPG is wrong maaaaaany times, and because of that, recordings are incomplete.

    Another example is EPG from clickfinder (TV-Movie) for austrian channels ORF1 / 2. The Programm is completelly wrong most of the time (also in the printed magazine).

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