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December 3, 2004
I originally planned on developing my own system similar to Media Portal but my programming skills just weren't up to the task. This was all long before I found Media portal or anything else like it. Anyways one of the features I originally had planned and think would be a good idea would be if you could remotely access the system via your phone. I always thought if for example I am out and realized I have left my system running I could access it via WAP and turn it off. Or If I was bringing a girl home one night I could have it to be playing a particular play list by the time I walked through the door. Just wondering what people think?


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  • April 22, 2004
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    You got me all thinking about that girl.......
    Is she looking goood?


    I'm currently working on a small web server that I'm planning to develop into a MP-plugin that makes it possible to control your MP via the web.

    As far as I know it shouldn't be too hard making it so that MP is controlable via WAP as well. If I remember it right it's just a wml-file instead of a html-file. Anyone who knows more about this?

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