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i'm new to the mediaportal and i have some questions related to the topic remote control functionality:

Is there a remote control application available for pocket pcs?
where can i get depth information for it?
Does the MediaPortal-Architecture provides some APIs, which can allow a programticaly control of tv, dvd functions from another application ?
where can i get depth information for these APIs?

Is anyone, who can give me some informations.

Thanks in advance


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I'm assuming that you're a programmer so this is going to be a bit technical:

Question 2 first. Given that MP is open-source, there is no defined API for accessing MP functions. Its basically a explore and implement thing. You can create process plugins which get loaded on startup and have no GUI, and window plugins which do have a GUI. There are interfaces for this.

If you don't fancy that a lot, I have created a plugin for MP that allows you to control MP from other programs. It works via .NET remoting. I have also exposed the plugin as a web service as well. I have currently partnered with someone else to create a web interface for MP using this plugin - it will be released fairly soon. The plugin is still in development, but currently you can get the currently playing item details, send actions (basically anything you can do with a keyboard) and the current MP path.

If you're interested in developing a pocket pc remote, you can easily communicate with MP via my plugin using .NET remoting, which is supported by the .NET compact framework.

I hope this answers all your questions, ask away if you have more.



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    There is a remote control program for Pocket PC's called 'NEVO' which emulate remote control signal but can also be programmed with ones not in its database.
    You can setup and configure button also.



    One aproach to this could be if the handheld has wifi. Then an app could actually communicate with the MediaPortal pc with another app and simulate keystrokes. I got this Idea while configuring an Abit DigiDice and the remote controller that comes with it. The remote actually makes keystrokes, if configured right.

    It probalby are made such applications already that makes the handheld transfer a signal to the pc/server and it interprets it as a keystroke. The handheld wil be more or less a wireless keyboard.

    Check this out.

    This one looks more skinable


    I had requested something like this before, but I think the over all preferance was to go with a web interface insteed. I think the thread about it is still here somewhere. :?

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