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    I am in the process of ... very slowly... putting together my HTPC.

    For the moment , I have MP TV running on my office pc in the basement for testing. I would like to temporarily run a video line up to my living room TV. As my TV is currently out for repairs, our stand-by TV has only an RF/cable connection. I have an RF converter that I was going to connect via the composite video out of my graphics card and stereo audio out and run a coax line to the other side of the house.

    Is there a way to control MP on my office pc through a small, underpowered pc I currently use just for playing music files over the network (until my HTPC is assembled.) I am using MP on the music pc with a MS-MCE remote. I haven't wanted to install TV Server on the office computer, as the HTCP will be a Server/client set-up and my office pc will be a client only. I don't want to process the video through the 'music pc' because it can't keep up (and will eventually replaced). I only need to use the 'music pc' as a controller to the office pc.

    Any suggestions?




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    VNC, it lets you control another PC over a network. It's like Microsoft's Remote Desktop feature but Remote Desktop wont work with DirectX (MediaPortal uses DirectX).

    Try one of these:



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