[Usability] Remote Video and Music Database Editing


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March 8, 2010
Chicago, IL
I have finally finished configuring my HTPC with MediaPortal and it is working great. There is one thing that seems a little irritating though. I have my HTPC connected to my TV without a mouse and keyboard connected to it. Right now the only way to edit the database is to either use VNC or RDP and remotely access the box or to hook a mouse and keyboard up in order to run the MP Configuration and use the Database Editor from there.

Since I use the box as a dedicated HTPC and it works so great I do not want to have to do it this way and would love it if there was some sort of plugin that allowed a server to be run in order to access the database with a client remotely. Maybe some sort of web interface in order to edit the database? The IMDB grabbers sometimes make mistakes or grab the wrong cover art or wrong year or maybe even nothing at all. I would like to never have to use the actual OS in order to do things (other than update MediaPortal ;).

I think this would be a great addition to those of us who use MP as a dedicated HTPC with no mouse/kb.

Thank you.

UPDATE: 20100310 - Found a Plugin MPMovieCatalog which allows exactly what I was looking for with the Video database. If I find a music version then that would be great. It's a pretty awesome plugin.
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