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August 3, 2005
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Hi all,

I have a general question to the mods:

I am currently having a couple of major errors with the CVS'ses of the last days (in principle I am testing all CVS'ses in order to find one to get rid of this errors).

It seems as a lot of people are having this errors as I read a lot about it:

- DVD playback (no OSD menu, no picture at all, etc)
- black screen after resume from standby

Now what should I do? Should I report this errors again and again with every new CVS? Maybe with logs?

My main interest is to see if this errors are known by the mods and devs and if they take care of it and how I can help to fix it.

I did check the Mantis and didn't find a word about that bugs. I opened threads and was lucky to get a "same problem here" but that's it. :(

So I don't want to annoy the mods and devs but on the other hand - for the interested and engaged users - how behave regarding bugs? How to know if you guys know that bugs and what's going on in development?



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  • April 27, 2004
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    Hi wewe,

    generally we have the rule to delete(!) posts on CVS bugs and only accept bugs on official releases. Look into the forum laeb stated, this is a good place to come up with CVS issues.

    Hint: New teams and rules are currently made up in the background, to react better and faster on bug reports (CVS or official release). Stay tuned, hopefully we will come up with better rules and guidelines soon.



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    May 14, 2005
    Well I'm sorry but I still don't understand what it takes for a bug to get into mantis.

    I'm suffering from 2 obvious simple bugs since rc2. I've reported them, they have been confirmed but they now are on page 2 of bugs and not yet entered into mantis (they apply on rc2, and all subsequent cvs so they are not cvs specific).

    I can totally understand there are limited resources and this is far from major problems but how can bugs ever be solved if they never get into mantis.

    The bugs are:

    I have confirmed this bug on 2 other friends computers but they don't want to report it because they say it's useless anyway :-(

    Keep up the good job and I hope the new rules and guidelines will be able to improve this situation, you are doing a terrific job! I never keep faith in your work :)


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  • April 26, 2005
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    Hi all mainly yyota

    i dont know if you know but the MP team has been split into 3. Test design and development

    we can now focus more on each section. i will endeavour to look at the problems shortly, however sometimes if we cannot replicate it is difficult to work out what the problem is.

    if i can replicate the problem .... please rest assured i shall reply and post the bug in mantis if i cant i shall be hounding you for more information.

    its also worth dropping into irc for a chat to see if anyone else has your problem and also to point it out to us as not all of have the time to scan through the forums each day. patience is required for IRC tho as sometimes we miss messages also.

    be back to you shortly



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    May 14, 2005
    Thanks a lot for your kind reply, I didn't know about the 3 team split and so on.

    Actually I'm your average user, who doesn't have enough time to get involved but who loves the program and tries to make it better with his limited time (i try to report and/or confirm bugs when I can).

    So from an average user, here are some comments that could be useful:
    - it's pretty difficult to know where to report errors. There is the bug forum, the general support forum and now I just discovered all the forums on the test group and so on.
    - i didn't even know about the irc channel
    - i took me a while to discover mantis

    Basically I think a problem is for casual people like me, who check the news and forums from time to time (ie. at work hehehe), to understand how everything works. Where should I post and how. I know there is always the sticky post explaining the rules but when you have at least 4 different sections where people post bugs + irc channel, you'll understand that it's not very clear.

    Anyway thanks a lot again, I don't care if it takes months for bugs to get corrected so please don't lose too much time on mine. I'm already too glad to have such a wonderful program for free, I just want to be sure that bugs at least get recorded because I think it frustrates a lot of people who just give up reporting and maybe give up on MP as well because they feel like never been heard.


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