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  • April 11, 2005
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    During the server outage this post was dropped, so here we ga again.

    I requested the ability to browse the picture database by the date the picture was taken in the following way:
    Folder 2002
    Folder 2003
    Folder 2004\Folder 01
    \Folder 02\Pics by DateTaken

    I have been working on the code for VirtualDirectory Class and I came up with a quite generic solution, allowing you to specify Shares that browse any SQLite Database / Table / View. This may (untested) also work for MyMusic and Movies etc (as long as the database contains a column with filenames/paths...). I also added some code to store the DateTaken into the PictureDatabase.

    Uploaded the Code as a patch to sourceforge here:

    As I find time I will check if I can add browsing by keywords as well (currently I have to check how to get the keywords out of the file first...)

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