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May 18, 2005
Schagen, The Netherlands
Netherlands Netherlands
Hi Guys,

I'm having trouble scanning and reorganizing my multikabel TV database. I try to copy/follow the Multikabel standard order of channels, but a few problems arise:
- Multikabel skips a few steps in their Logical Channel Numbering (LCN). For instance, channel 10 is followed by channel 13. Does MediaPortal know how to handle 'gaps' in the channel ordering?
- I use 2 types of tuners (FloppyDTV and Hauppauge PVR150). Some channels are broadcasted in analog as wel as digital, so, I always have to update the autoscan manually by matching analog frequencies with the digital channels found during autoscan.
- I cannot force MP to limit its search / autoscan to a certain Network-id. This is annoying, since Multikabel shares its network with Casema. Therefore, MP finds channels on network id 500 that I'm not allowed to watch anyway.
- According to Multikabel, some channels are broadcasted on 514 Mhz. However, Mediaportal is unable to find any channels on that frequency, while signal strength is at 100%. Beats me...

To make a long story short: has anyone succeeded in overcoming the abovementioned problems and is that person willing to share his/her tvdatabase.db3 file with me?


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