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April 19, 2006
i have x songs with y scrobble tags like lowtempo, metal etc etc

lets say im in the mood for lowtempo, what i (think i) have to do to start a scrobble playlist is to search for a lowtempo song, add it to playlist and turn scrobble on

id like a feature where i can see a list of the scrobbler adjectives or tags that my music has, and select one for playback

please correct me if this is already available, im pretty new to the my music section of MP, been mostly using videos and series


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  • April 7, 2005
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    Nice to see that no longer 99% of your files do not play at all :p

    Codewise everything is there for a feature like this but without database support of MP this won't be very efficent. In addition I'd like to see a user's suggestion how the selection of tags/artists/etc should look alike (Only using MP's current skinning possibilities of course).


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    April 19, 2006
    that bug was solved by turning on bass player :p for some reason the default player didnt play VBR mp3's at all :)

    but to the point, couldnt you just add another view: 'tags'?

    no icon, big icon etc choices (except if someone wants to make icons for all the tags :p), just list and then an alphabetical list of the tags


    and so so forth

    are the tags user defined by scrobbler users or are they static you could just get from the site?

    edit: oh, and do songs contain more than one tag? if so you could filter the list you get.
    like i select metal,then i get left with all the songs that contain the tag metal (not the songs, but the tags that they have), and i could go back to widen the playlist or go deeper to make it more refined, and then press play to start playing the selected tag chain

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