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July 18, 2006

Hope its ok to make a request here?!
There has been some requests in other treads to integrate mylyrics better in mymusic, se for example:
There are some instructions for editing skin files, couldnt we with next release get some modified skin xml-files witch gives direct access to lyrics from mymusic and shows lyrics in the now playing screen?!
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By the way, this plugin and myseries is the reason I finally switched from MCE 2005.


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  • May 1, 2006
    right there
    Hi. Sure, you are welcome to come up with all the possible requests regarding MyLyrics in this subdirectory of the forum as you desire.

    I don't plan to make a xml-file that overrides the default MyMusicPlayingNow.xml, since I'm not great at making MP gui xml-files, and also, users who substitute my version of the xml might regret and cannot return without downloading a new install or rolling back with a backup-file.

    Instead, I'll little by little take contact to the MP core team and ask of permission to integrate my plugin in the MP source code. It should be quite easy, so I believe this is the way to go. I haven't discussed an integration with the team before, since the plugin hasn't been 100% stable in the previously versions, and I have at all time considered it to be a beta. Now it is much more stable and I believe that I have 100% control of the multiple threads in all situations. The engine of the plugin is quite complex and it took a while before I was able to optimized the structure completely. Now I am almost there where I believe it makes sense to include the plugin in MyMusic.

    So, it hope it wont be long from now before "MyLyrics" is history and the code and features of the plugin is a part of "MyMusic" as an default option. :)
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