Retrieving Skin Info from XML files

Mr. V

Portal Pro
September 15, 2007

Not sure if this is possible.

Can some please explain if this can be done?

I use media center master to automaticly rename folders, download subs, place cover art and backdrops into the movie folder. At the same time it creates an xml file with the genre, plot and file properties ect. (see attached).

Also it can automaticly download trailers into the movie directory.

So my folder is like this;

M:\Star Trek\Star Trek.mp4
M:\Star Trek\backdrop.jpg
M:\Star Trek\folder.jpg
M:\Star Trek\mymovies.xml
M:\Star Trek\Star
M:\Star Trek\

Is there any way a skin can reference this file and use the xml information?

If possible i would like to try modifying the moving pictures or my videos xml.


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