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  • April 19, 2006
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    ReVision / Replicant was inspired mofux's nonafo skin idea, and HDTVee from Meedio. It is recommended to run this skin using v0.2.3.0 RC1. The skin's xml files are based on B2 16x9 skin files. In the screenshots below resolution isn't perfect as the development is being done on my laptop.

    Download ReVision here:

    Download Replicant here:

    Version 1.1.7

    Some features may require a recent SVN.

    Tested with MediaPortal 0.2.3 RC1 (MediaPortal-svn--09-02-2007--01-01-Rev15725).
    Fixed bug in myvideoplaylist.xml causing black screen.
    Updated mytetris.xml to fix "keeps going back to plugin menu" bug (thanks Technec).
    Added support for My Music Trivia v0.1.
    Added support for DBox2 v0.4 (requested by stormbringer).
    Added support for MyOrganizer v1.0.1.
    Fixed the Replicant BG "thing" (Requested by Spragleknas, fixed by marshall, thanks).

    Version 1.1.6

    Tested with MediaPortal 0.2.3 RC1 (MediaPortal-svn--08-12-2007--01-00-Rev15504).
    Added MyPlaylists and Repeat buttons to myvideoplaylist.
    Changed the Album label for current track to a fadelabel in MyMusicPlayingNow.
    Used new plugin.isenabled condition for visibility - MP-TV Series and My Trailers buttons.
    Added H.264 Video Codecs button to Movie and TV settings.
    Minor dialog menu updates (thanks Zeflash).
    Added "tele-text rendering image 2" to MyTeletext.
    Updated myfsteletext.xml.
    Fixed My Explorer layout issues (thanks patricon). Note - Unchecking bug is plugin related.
    Moved stars on MyEmulators screen.
    Used new plugin.isenabled condition for visibility - My Lyrics button.
    Added button for global search to music screens if plugin.isenabled.
    Removed some fade animations in MP-TVSeries to fix a wierd "dissappearing labels" bug (thanks LiquidSky).
    Added support for MyStreamRadio plugin (requested by scythelt).
    Fixed Online Videos hover not showing in plugin menu.
    Updated MyUitGemist to support v0.2.3 (requested by DaMenaCe).
    Updated/fixed MyRadioLastFM.xml (thanks patricon & ThaClown)
    Minor change to sort button, added offsetSortButtonWidth and Height to SortButton in references.xml.
    Added support for My MPlayer v0.70b (requested by patricon).
    Moved track recommendations on MyMusicPlayingNow screen.
    Major overhaul of MP-TVSeries screen.

    Enjoy, Psycho Reptile


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    January 6, 2006
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    Mmmhmmm... now that looks tasty!! :)
    Well done to the both of you, for a nice looking skin, been wanted to try out Nonafo but obviously it doesn't work with the lastest SVN's.
    Will look forward to testing this one in the flesh :D


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    Nice to see some wide-screen skins....especially when they look this good :)

    Keep up the good work

    Psycho Reptile

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  • April 19, 2006
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    @ All

    I can release the skin in it's current state but it MUST be considered as an ALPHA release. I still have a lot to do...

    1. Almost everything related to capture cards and tv setup.
    2. OSD information.
    3. Full plugin support, currently a few screens are done.

    These two are a big job as I don't have a tv capture card on my laptop.
    Mainly I use the weather, movies, music, tv home and pictures on my htpc at home. Most of the information for these screens is ok. There are still graphics and xml files (from boilermaker's MCE 16x9) that need changing.

    If people are willing to try it out in it's current state let me know.....

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