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November 17, 2008
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I suspect this is a software rather than a configuration issue, it's happened on both my MediaPortal installs on different hardware.

Basically when I play a file (typically MKV) that has multiple languages and subtitles, it usually turns out that the default isn't what I want, so I'll then set them appropriately, and rewind back to the start using the |<< button on the remote (cannot remember what key it maps up to, sorry), however doing this also causes MP to reset the language and subtitle settings.

What I have to do is rewind it, then quickly press the Audio / Subtitle buttons the correct number of times, preferably before anything important is said.

It would be nice if MP would remember the chosen settings for that file. It would be even nicer (for me, may not suit everyone) if the settings could be set on a heriarchial per-folder basis so that, eg. I could just set my entire anime folder to Japanese with English subs and it would attempt to set those defaults across everything within that folder.

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Sound Card: M-Audio Revolution 5.1
Sound Card AC3: Coaxial
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1. TV Card: Bt878
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MPEG2 Audio Codec: MPA
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