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October 16, 2005
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I have standard 32'' Samsung WS TV, with two SCART connectors and one S-Video connector. Athough I have tweaked the tv-output in every possible way to get the best picturequality possible, I still find the picture quality from 150$ DVD player far superior to that from my HTPC, even though the picture from the S-video connector turned out quite nice.

Since my videocard has rgb output and my TV supports RGB through scart I purchased a RGB to scart adapter cable to be able to connect my videocard to the rgb-enabled SCART connector. The problem is I can't seem to get any picture on the TV when using the RGB<->SCART connection. For TV-Format I enabled SDTV 576i, which i assumed would be the correct setting for a standard-tv. If I set SDTV 576i, I cannot get anything but a black/white picture from S-video, and no-picture at all from the SCART. I don't even know if what I am trying her is possible, but it cannot see any reason why it shouldn't work.

Has anyone tried this before? Can anyone help me?

- Judaz


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January 26, 2005
Hi there. I too have the same problem.

I have recently purchased a GeForce 6200, whose tv output is a non-standard 7 pin micro din. The interface cable which connects to the tv out has a whole plethera of connectors which are a standard 4 pin S-Video out, a phono Composite out and three further phonos one each for Red, Green and Blue. After a bit of research I discovered that there are two types of RGB RGsB where the picture is synced with the green signal and RGBS where a seperate sync is used. So armed with this I tried to make an RGB to SCART cable from an old SCART cable I had just to see if I could get an output. I must say the results were disapointing and inconclusive.

The picture I got on my Sony Wega FX50 was a RED picture, it would appear that the GREEN and BLUE signals were not present and the picture was scolling right to left and top to bottom, so the sync was not present either. This could be down to my poor soldering, or incorrect wiring diagrams, I shall continue to investigate.

Judaz - I suspect that is is possible to get a good output from the RGB output but a purchased RGB to SCART cable may not do it. The ones I have looked at only operate in one direction and that is from the SCART to the RGB phono outputs we are trying to go the other way.

Has anybody actually managed to successfully output via the RGB output of a GeForce 6x00 to the RGB SCART on a regular TV???

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