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February 5, 2005
Holbaek, Denmark
Hi there....

I am playing a little with a "problem", perhaps you have a solution.....;)

If i have a channel (lets call it XYZ), and i can recive it from 3 different sources, how do i set this channel up.....

If i eg. can record the XYZ from both analoug antenna, DVB-s and DVB-t.....

It would be nice if i did not have to setup the channel 3 times in the channel-list, but if i was able to set it up as one channel, and then let MP decide what source it should record from....
Lets say that the DVB-c was in use at the time, then MP perhaps could automaticly use eg. the DVB-t instead.....

Is that at all possible to do this ??
- i know that it is possible with eg. a dual-tv-turner, but what if it is 3 different tv-turners, how do i then do this ??

An other thing, but still the same issue i think......:confused:
If i can recive this XYZ channel from 2 different transmitters, is it then possible to make MP switch to the transmitter that works, if a transmitter dies for some reason and a "NO signal" appear ??

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