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February 4, 2005
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Just a idea and like to now what other people think
A "BeyondTV link"plugin would be ok
But if the PVR and DVB control module can be made independent from M.P. then the benefit would be that you can install your Sat/TV card(s) in a other pc.

1. if you turn off the HTPC then you can still record
2. more HTPCs can log in to the same module (like beyond TV link)
3. especially for the Sat cards you can use shorter cable’s because you can place a server ware ever you want.
4. whit no Sat/TV card installed you can use a slim line HTPC case. (you only need a VGA and sound card then)

The cons are that its properly a hell of a job

Anyway keep up the good work because whit every release M.P. is looking better and better

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