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    For the developers here. I don't know, but this article might be interesting for you. It contains small pieces for coding with sbe:

    It also says something about playing sbe files:
    Playing DVR-MS Files.

    The output files of the stream buffer engine are basically MPEG2 video + MPEG audio multiplex into ASF. The Stream Buffer sync converts in real time the MPEG2 Program stream into ASF (here, I will ask why Microsoft did not give an option to leave it as program stream, cause if you want to burn MPEG2 file into DVD, it becomes complex). There is an option to play those files individually under any Windows XP machine. For that, you need to do several steps:

    1. Download Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 - (if you wish to play it under WMP)
    2. Download Microsoft latest hot fix for this specific issue here (Windows XP SP1 Update: Watch TV Shows Recorded by Media Center PCs on Other Windows XP PCs).
    3. Change the file name into extension DVR-MS instead of MPEG or tmp (as it saves automatically at this extension.)

    Then, you can, or build your own graph as described in this document or play it under Windows Media Player 9. Again, only if you change it into DVR-MS, Windows Media Player will play it correct.

    Perhaps it might be good to change the extension of MP SBE files into .dvr-ms, too. So the user could play recorded TV with the media player, without using my TV.

    Keep up the good work! :)

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