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El Gitto

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November 4, 2006
Netherlands Netherlands
TV-Server Version: 1.0.1
MediaPortal Version: 1.0.1
MediaPortal Skin: Blue3wide
Windows Version: Vista SP1
CPU Type: Intel P4 3Ghz
Memory: 2GB DDR2
Motherboard: Intel
Video Card: MSI Radeon X300
Video Card Driver:
Sound Card: Onboard HD audio
Sound Card AC3:
Sound Card Driver:
1. TV Card: FloppyDTV
1. TV Card Type: DVB-C
1. TV Card Driver:
2. TV Card: FloppyDTV
2. TV Card Type: DVB-C
2. TV Card Driver:
3. TV Card:
3. TV Card Type:
3. TV Card Driver:
4. TV Card:
4. TV Card Type:
4. TV Card Driver:
MPEG2 Video Codec:
MPEG2 Audio Codec: Vista default
h.264 Video Codec:
Satelite/CableTV Provider:
HTPC Case:
Power Supply:
TV - HTPC Connection:

When I schedule a TV program that is currently running, sometimes the recording starts too late. I believe the recording should start immediately. Description:
1) Go the the TV guide;
2) Right click on a current running program;
3) Select "3 Record" in the popup window;
4) Select "Record" on the top left;

In the attached logs, the recording started after one minute, but the gap has been more than 10 minutes at several occasions. Here's a log entry where the gap was 2.5 minutes:

MP log:
2009-04-19 14:57:08.797967 [Debug][MPMain]: Window: TvPlugin.TVProgramInfo init
2009-04-19 14:57:10.558967 [Debug][MPMain]: TVProgammInfo.OnRecordProgram - programm = InFocus(ID:0) on 138 19-4-2009 14:25:00 - 19-4-2009 15:00:00
2009-04-19 14:57:10.570967 [Debug][MPMain]: TVProgramInfo.CreateProgram: program = InFocus(ID:0) on 138 19-4-2009 14:25:00 - 19-4-2009 15:00:00
2009-04-19 14:57:10.571967 [Debug][MPMain]: TVProgramInfo.CreateProgram - no series schedule
2009-04-19 14:57:10.651967 [Debug][MPMain]: TVProgramInfo.CreateProgram - conflicts.Count = 0
2009-04-19 14:57:10.651967 [Debug][MPMain]: TVProgramInfo.CreateProgram - create schedule = InFocus on 138 19-4-2009 14:25:00 - 19-4-2009 15:00:00  ID=0

TV-server log:
2009-04-19 14:59:28.226967 [Scheduler timer]: Recording InFocus  added in _recordingsInProgressList
2009-04-19 14:59:28.228967 [Scheduler timer]: Scheduler : time to record TvDatabase.Channel 19-4-2009 14:59:28-19-4-2009 15:00:00 InFocus
Like I said, the recording should start right away and this should be handled by the TV-server, not the client. After the OnNewSchedule() function has been called, the TV-server should check if it should start recording.

Thanks for looking into this. I think the new tv server is working great, and very reliable, except for this one issue.


El Gitto

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November 4, 2006
Netherlands Netherlands
OK, there doesn't seem to be much interest in this bug, so I decided to debug the tvserver myself. And I found out there's a problem in the coding that gets the schedules from the database. It's in scheduler.cs, method DoSchedule(). This executes the following line: IList<Schedule> schedules = Schedule.ListAll();
For my testing I add a schedule using the tv client and I check the database table "schedule" using MySQL Query Browser and I see the record is there. But the Schedule.ListAll() returns an empty IList. It can take several minutes for this to change (the check is done every 15 seconds).
Could this be some kind of cashing error of the database? Btw, the MS SQL has the same problem.

I hope I've interested a developer to take a look at this. This issue isn't solved in release 1.0.2.



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  • December 26, 2004
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    I have seen this "issue" myselfe on the live system that it can take several minutes until the recording of an in-progress tv-show starts.

    will add that to mantis. :)



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  • February 7, 2007
    Greece Greece
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    I think El, Gitto is right. It is a caching issue. The caching is done by the Gentle framework.
    I took a quick look at the code of TvServer and TvPlugin. Cacheing is enabled in TvServer so Schedule.ListAll() will return cached data. Normally this is not a problem because when Schedule objects are persisted in TvServer, the framework automatically invalidates the cache.

    But when a new schedule is created in TvPlugin, TvPlugin.TVProgramInfo.CreateProgram(...) uses it own instance of the Gentle framework to insert the new schedule in the database. The Gentle framework in TvServer does not invalidate its cache because it is unaware of the new schedule. CreateProgram(...) in TvPlugin also calls server.OnNewSchedule() which in turn calls TvService.TVController.OnNewSchedule() on the TvServer which in turn resets the scheduler timer but does not clear the Gentle cache.

    I think the following change in TvController would fix the problem:
       public void OnNewSchedule()
            if (_scheduler != null)
            Fire(this, new TvServerEventArgs(TvServerEventType.ScheduledAdded));
          } catch (Exception ex)
    I'm going to try it tonight when I get home.



    El Gitto

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    November 4, 2006
    Netherlands Netherlands
    This is great news, guys. Thanks for your help. I just tested Arion's suggestion and this seems to work fine.



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  • October 31, 2006
    Germany Germany
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    Thanks arion_p, that is a very nice solution for this bug.
    Just uploaded the changes to SVN.


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