[searching] app to convert 1080p .ts rec into any 720p file (1 Viewer)


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  • February 6, 2006
    i'm searching for a decent way to convert a 1080p .ts recording to any kind of 720p file (dont really mind which filetype as long as the converting doesnt take 20 hours (-; )

    --> so i'm also open for wmv-hd, divx or whatever, as long as im allowed to reduce to 720p

    the reason for that is, that i have some DVb-S2 HDTV channels but as long as i dont have a new computer (which will have to wait until some more DX10 cards are available) my P4 3,2 ghz with its Radeon X600 just sucks to much to let me view 1080p fluidly. recording works fine though i just cant watch them afterwards *g*

    since my lcd isnt fullhd anyways, i thought converting them to 720p (which my HTPC should handle) wouldnt be that much of a loss, would it? (;

    i'm googling for it in this very moment, but i though maybe someone has some experience

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