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June 15, 2008
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I hope anyone can help. I simply don't understand why my HTPC is reacting that way.

Situation: I have either a 32" TV (DVI) or a beamer (HDMI) connected to my HDPC (HDMI) and, additionally, a touch screen monitor (VGA). I switch between TV and beamer manually by changing the cables.
The TV/Beamer should be the primary screen with mediaportal, the monitor the secondary with a touch screen software.

Problem: When connected to the TV, the primary screen stays activated (the monitor stays secondary), even when the TV is not switched on when starting the PC. Thats my ideal situation because there are no changes and I can work wih the touch screen software to listen music etc. without having to switch on the TV.
But when the beamer is connected (more often) and switched off, the HTPC does not recognise the connection and only the monitor is active as primary screen. Touch software is in front, mediaportal in the back. I don't like that, because it completely screws up my icons, window locations and so on.
Is there a way to force the primary screen to be on hdmi, even if no source is recognised?

Next Problem with beamer:
Furthermore, when switching on the beamer and activating the second screen, Mediaportal shows a black sreen on the beamer (primary screen) and I have to restart the computer manually because Mediaportal is in the front and a cannot access anything else. On the second screen there is the touch screen software still working but there is no way to change anything as all the windows are displayed on the primary screen under the mediaportal black screen. Same problem for the black screens is described here:

Does anyone have some recommendations?


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    Try creating PROFILES inside your video application (both ATi and NVidia support them). Then assign a HOTKEY to them whereby you can use a keyboard or mouse (programmed to generate the sequence) to switch to the desired PROFILE.

    Please fill in your system (in your profile) so folks can be more specific with responses :)


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    June 15, 2008
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    Hi Andrew,

    sorry for not filling out the profile. I will do that when I have more time.
    A have a AMD 780G with integrated ATI graphic card, Athlon 4850e,WinXP and Mediaportal 1.02. The profiles are already implemented in CCC but when I switch to 2 displays, problem 2 occurs (mediaportal stays black). Thus, I think the best solution for setup with beamer would be the same as for the TV. But it is simply not working.

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