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Discussion in 'MediaStream' started by Omen, February 11, 2009.

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    After updating to the new version of TVSeries I've managed to completely break it within my old skin of choice for the childrens htpc (xface) So I've been trying to start to create a bit of a Frankenstein style skin, using mostly xface, but using your xml's for TVSeries, (and possibly moving pictures if this goes well)

    What i'm trying to achieve is to get an 15-30% transparent image of the default xface background ontop of the fanart that i can download for the main Series Selection View, Season View, and episode View.

    At the moment after copying your TVSeries xml's into the root xface folder I've got a fairly well working version, but the background is jet black, since it looked so plain i decided to download fan art (since the option is available with your xmls :D) the only problem left now is that with fan art at 100% opacity it's quite hard to read any text.

    Thus I was wondering if there is a way to add a background layer that sits on top of fanart?

    Hopefully this is the right place to ask, and I hope your not upset with me not using your skin the way you intended
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    it is posible. the xml layers i build upon each other. so if you have fanart in top and the overlay lower in the list, it will be on top... so put the transparant overlay after fanart but before the text

    hope you get it solved :)

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