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Luke Roberts

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August 23, 2007
Netherlands Netherlands

I have a Zalman HD160XT case. The case has a 7" touchscreen. The touchscreen driver is very buggy under Windows Vista. The Zalman Zini software, contains a driver for the remote control, regulates the casefans and displays a al sorts of info on the 7" screen. Unfortunatly the Zini software is also very buggy, so apart from displaying the time.. it is USELESS.

I have decided to design my own Samurize template, and add all info that I want (Time, Date, CPU load, Network load, etc..). I was wondering if it is possible to feed samurize with Mediaportal info. It would be great to display TV chanel info, music, artist, movie and music timebar.

Has anybody got any info on how to feed this sort of data froom Mediaportal to Samurize? I was thinking of reserving four lines for text, and one bar for the timebar (from 0% to 100%). Sounds like a plugin that does not exist, or did I not search hard enough?



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