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March 3, 2009
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I am planing to build a neu Media solution for my house!

And i have some questions about hardware usage.

I am going to use HDTV (S2).

if i use a Server / client system is it posible to stream full hd using gigabit, without lag?

all the capure cards are located in the server and this serve has much performance, this should be no problem.

But what about the clients do they able need to have a powerfull cpu / gpu.

My plan is to use small clients with little performance. Is this possible or do you also recomand dual core for the clients?

Or do you even prefer to use a all in one system (server/cleint).

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    The clients do all the decoding of the HD footage and display to screen, so they need to be powerfull enough to do that. Dual core for the clients is a must, probably along with a graphics card capable of hardware acceleration of the HD video.

    The server hardware shouldn't need to be too powerful, all it is doing is pulling the video and audio feeds out of the satellite broadcast and saving them to disk (either for recording or as part of the timeshift buffer).

    Right now I only have one combined client/server machine, but I have a second client for the bedroom that I need to get running again. The server is also used for running SqueezeCenter for my music. I haven't had any performance issues from it. It's a AMD 4200+ from a couple of years ago.

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