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  • December 10, 2004
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    I'm having trouble with my EPG. :mad:
    As recently xmltv provider changed encoding of xml file that xmltv grabs of net (from iso-8859-2 to utf-8) I have a problem with accented characters not showing correctly (šđčćžČĆŽĐŠ).

    Is there a way to set up this correctly?

    To explain my setup a bit:

    - multi seat
    - TVE3 machine is WinXP with regional settings set to Croatia and support for non-unicode programms also croatian
    - HTPC machine with the same settings as above
    - TVE3 machine runs both MySQL v5 and MS SQLExpress but at the moment it's running MS SQLExpress as TVE3 DBMS

    I can confirm that Tvguide.xml file is actually UTF-8 encoded (checked in several editors: Notepad++, notepad2, etc.) and that it has right header (encoding="utf-8").

    Please help!

    I forgot to mention that I use xmltv2 plugin with latest TVE3 svn build. MP client is also latest SVN with Foofarow 16:9 skin.

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