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April 9, 2009
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I have Mediaportal server installed (singelseat) and running 4 clients (multiseat). My server HW is a quad 2,4 GHZ Intel with 4 GByte memory and 500GByte HDD (about 300 GBytes availible). On the singleseat server I have 2 DVB
S2 cards
I am having lockup problems on my clients, and wonder what is the the best settings on the server in the general/timeshift menu.
My curennt settings are minimall 10 files, maximum 35 files, Filesize 256, wait for unscrambled channel 1 sek. and wait for timeshift file 1 sek.
Any suggestions?


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  • August 18, 2007
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    recently i have found some known issues with timeshift manipulation. i was recommended to use maximum file size and things improved. with such a server go for it and try it. i topped at 1024mb per file so that was around 30 min per file with dvbt quality here.

    about number of files, i left it to 6 min and i think 20somthing max (thats around 10hours of timeshift so way over what i need)

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