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May 18, 2006
Area: Media Portal Plugins
MediaPortal Version: RC4 (2006-04-18)
MediaPortal Skin: BlueTwo
Windows Version: Windows XP (SP2)
.NET CLR Version: 2.0.50727
DirectX Version: (9.0c)
Audio Codec: ffdShow Audio Decoder
Video Codec: NVIDIA Video Decoder
CPU Type: Intel Pentium 4 - 2.80GHz
Memory: 767 MB
Motherboard: Dimension 4300 (Dell Computer Corporation)
TV Card Model: WinTV PVR-150MCE
TV Card Type: Software
TV Card Driver: -
Video Card Model: Nvidia Geforce 6200 (128 MB)
Video Card Driver: -
Video Card Resolution: 1024x768
Video Render Type: VMR9
Audio Card Model: Intel(r) 82801BA/BAM AC'97 Audio Controller
Audio Card Driver: -
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Been trying to setup HIP (with MPExTuneCmd) to change channel on my STB after giving up on MyBlaster! Been reading every thread I could find on the subject, but Im none the wiser.

Could anyone who know how to setup this please post a little "how to" perhaps? I just cant make it work.
Or if there is some other way?

Help would be very apreciated!



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  • September 9, 2005
    Great Britain (UK) Great Britain (UK)
    Been meaning to write up a little something regardig HiP and setting this up, but i haven't had the chance, work is consuming too much time+RL.

    Basically, you have to program your STB remote control codes into HIP, which isn't too difficult, go to Remote I/O -> Edit IR commands, from there you have to 'learn' the desired codes into HIP, this can be broken down into categories for the various remotes, or remote functions, up to you to choose how.

    Then once all the necessary codes are entered, go to File -> Preferences, from there choose alternative input. Basically at this point you have to Add new values to the various buttons on your remote control.

    Hit 'Add Value' and then when prompted press the remote key desired(and confirm). At that point you can specify which key press you want assigned as the primary/secodary function by selecting Send IR from within the primary/secondary config windows.

    Hope that helps, thats a bit of a quick and dirty wallthrough, but should get you started.


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    May 18, 2006
    Thanks for the quick response, will try it out as soon as get the chance!


    How do I get HIP to understand that MP wants it to change the channel? For example when starting a recording?

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