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When playing video and you hit "X" to toggle full screen the SetVideoWindow() function gets called 2 times to go full screen and 3 times when you come back to small. Why is this? (I know I could probably continue to wade through the code but I was hoping someone could provide a quick answer)

Where are the key mappings defined? Like where "X" is for full screen in video playback?


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    Keys are mapped to actions in the keymap.xml file. If you take a look at the file you will find the following in the global section:

    <description>Toggle between GUI and fullscreen</description>

    This maps action 18 to the X key. Action 18 is ACTION_SHOW_GUI which you can find in Core/Guilib/Action.cs.

    In some windows the X is mapped to another action like this:

    <sound />
    <description>Hide SubMenu</description>

    which overrides the definition in the global section.

    The translation from the actual key to the action is done in the ActionTranslator.cs file. This class uses the keymap.xml file.

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