Shares view: AlbumArt for multiple albums?

Discussion in 'Improvement Suggestions' started by jmbillings, October 17, 2008.

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    Not sure if this has been discussed before (or can already be done and I just don't know how!) but I use shares view for the music. I only get the album art shown for occasions where the art is in the immediate folder down. The vast majority of stuff is in the format of

    <artist folder>
    <album 1>
    <album 2>

    and so on. Now, in Windows Media Player (as you prolly know...), for these types of folders, it actually creates a little albumart thingy with the art from each album together in a kind of "fanned out" way. Is this possible in MP? If not, is it at least possible to show one of the albums artwork in the main view? Cuz all I have is loads of little folders... :)

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    Just put a folder.jpg / cover.png / front.jpg / whatever in the folder you want an image for.
    Then activate "Use for thumb creation: *.png, *jpg (prefers "front" cover)" and rescan your collection with
    "Update database from selected shares".

    If you do not want to do this manually there's a decent solution if your ID3-Tags are correct:
    1. Sign up for free on ? The Social Music Revolution
    2. Use the "audioscrobbler" plugin to fetch covers for all albums and artists
    3. Enable "Use existing album thumbs to: create missing folder.jpg"
    4. Rescan your collection with "Update database from selected shares".

    This will save a folder.jpg in all your album directories.

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