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I've heard that prices in Portugal are among the lowest in the European Union. Does anyone know if that is true for computer (HTPC) parts. If so, do you know any good web shop, who ships internationally (within the EU) and who have a site in english?


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December 6, 2004
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Hi Nisse....
My parents live on Madeira, Portugees Island just in front of the marrokkan coast, but anyways, the prices are slightly higher then mainland. But what I did see from portugees brochures and tv is that computer parts aren't that much cheaper then over here (I live in the Netherlands).
It's more stuff like food, clothes, first necessities etc that are VERY cheap.. I can vouch for that, once I was stuck in a city cause I had a flat tire, and had to wait 3 hours for someone to bring me a new tire (national holiday or something)... I ate and drank A LOT and spend only 10 euro's... (i had at least 5 cups of coffee and 1 beer.. Here in Holland it would've cost me about 17 euro's).

So yeah, they're very cheap but not to ship over computer stuff.. When the tax comes over it, it's not interresting anymore (unless you go there on vacation and buy it yourself and take it with you on the airplane.. Then you don't pay import taxes,you just say you had it already :) ).


Hi Nisse and Seppie

Im from Portugal, and let me say that computer parts are almost like "GOLd"... almost same price anywhere europe...less or plus 5€...

DDram is the same price, Processors etc etc
The main diference is that i want to buy an PVR-250 and it cost 3 times more than in USA and twice the price of France by example... and i can only find it in one shop here...They "feed" us with Pinnacle stuff... :evil:

Yes other things are cheaper... beer, tabaco etc etc... but my mountly payment is 5 times lower that a normal european :x

Can someone point me to a online shop where i can find Hauppage products with shipping for any country in Europe (Portugal)?



I also live in Portugal.
It's definitely not cheaper than the rest of Europe.
I've bought most of my stuff from a local web retailer with a few brick and mortar stores called mbit. Very good service so far: I've changed my graphic card twice with no questions asked.

I also have no idea where to get a hauppauge card here. I had a friend in Paris send me one. He got it (and all his HTPC stuff) from one of the chinese shops in rue Mongallet ( - now those places have cheap prices but most of them don't ship to other countries.

Feel free to buy your stuff online from Portugal anyway and help out our struggling economy ;)


well, stay tuned to the bargains. I´m a "bargain hunter".

here´s some of mine:

CRT 17" monitor (Nokia , 447e, beautiful color max res. 19920x1440 and 1280x1024 at 75Hz) 60e
Trust Easy Scroll SilverLine Keyboard with 25 office hotkeys, 11€.

Hauppage wintv Stereo Nicam, 24€. :D

Also informing that a Canon Eos 10D is now costing 999€ at (portuguese )MediaMarkt and a 1gb USB Stick 69€ in the same place.

Take a look in and download the pdf catalogue for full list.


Onde comprar?

Hi... :?

Can someone tell me where to find PVR-150MCE LP or not LP on a online shop that sends to Europe?

Cant find it in Media Market, nomatica, Redconn or Pixmania....

Thanks in Advance

Portuguese shops dont have any except that as one for 96.9€ when it cost no more then 80€ else where. :oops:


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