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Ive had MediaPortal for just over a day now and I have to say its fantastic. I enjoy coding in C/C++ so I might make a start on some plugins for it very soon.

Anyhoo I'm having a dabble with making a skin (well updating the default skin), and I thought I would see what people think about it. Its not finnished yet but ive only been working on it for a couple of hours. I will finnish it soon as I want it for personal use but if anyone else wants to have a copy of it then let me know.

I'm still on dial up at the moment so uploading things can take an age. Also how do I go about getting this skin shown on I know I should read the faq but my dial up is uber slow and I get fed up when i spen 5mins loading a page only to findout that its not what I want. If someone could link me to where I need to look then that would be fantastic.

Heres the link to a screen shot. Theres still a couple of things which are going to change in the way of graphics (also just downloaded the skineditor so there will be some moving of objects)


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Definately different. It might be too dark for my TV, I will have to check when you get it finished. But very creative.


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    Hi TheBadgerKing,

    keep on working on that.
    It might look crazy, but that’s good.
    It’s a pity that there are still only a few themes for Media Portal, so every additional skin would be great.
    When it’s finished I think a lot of people would like to use it.
    You should test it on your TV to see if it’s to dark, but I think you should finish that one, absolutely.


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