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December 13, 2005
I have downloaded the 0.2.0 version in hope that the shuffle of music should work.

I have a new PC with OS updated with all updates available today. (XP + SP2 + updates). MP and No other software at all. (Not even Antivirus).

After installing MP I update the database for Movies and music. I have 4000+ MP3s.

I create a playlist within Mediaplayer with 20 MP3s. I save the playlist in different formats lime m3u.. etc

I have "Autoshuffle playlist" checked in Setup.
When I try to run the playlist it start with the first MP3 in the list.

I want to have a random starting mp3 and shuffle within the playlist.

Party shuffle gives some MP3s in the database, not only the mp3s in a choosen playlist..

Help me understand how the shuffle function and party mix is supposed to work. Have I done somthing totaly wrong?

Please help a newbie ;-)


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