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August 18, 2004
I have been trying almost all HTPC software...i choose Media Portal for my home made HTPC.

This software is very good (congratulations all).

I use the HTPC just connected to TV (by svideo).
I would like to see a module (I’m not a developer...) very simple, where we can configure links that can be text links, or a icon, or a image.
The idea is to create a kind of a HTPC "active desktop" where we can put for ex.: in the right side of the screen two photos (pushed by web) with the traffic transit; in a top bar we could but some xml hot news, and in the left part of the screen, a shortcut to Nero wizard to burn my multimedia, other for a Mini Browser, other for the Tetris game in MAME, etc.

The global idea was to have a page with shortcuts to the favorite thinks.

Thanks in advance
Ricardo Duarte

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