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Hi to every skinner!

I'm looking for a good Media Portal skin for person having poor eye sight.

There are a couple of things which needs to be considered:
- default skins have not enough contrast between background and the fonts used, white backgroung and black text would be the best
- almost all the effective screen area needs to be used for text, that way font can be maxed out for better readibility on big screen
- big symbols preferred than fancy multicolour images

Has anyone done already such a skin or do I need to open all those 300 files with editors? ;-)


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    Since you know what is missing in current skins regarding poor eye sight, you could do a example screen eg home screen. You could start up by modifying MCE:s home screen since that skin is very simple.
    That way you will learn how to make a skin for a MP. :wink:

    Then you can modify the whole skin. It would be great to have such a skin for MP. Lot of work yeah i know but hey this is hobby is'nt it :D


    OK. I'll start up doing that extensive rework. I saw that people was looking for skin usable in the car environment. I suppose more simplified interface would benefit those users also as all the space is maxed out?

    And it's about time I contribute something back to Media Portal community :) .

    One thing would benefit also people with eye sight problems: speaken sounds of all the menus, "home"-plugin included.

    There are a pair of settings in which sounds can be attached but a lot of menus is out of reach. I have not checked out the actual source code yet, but suppose it is not a major rework to attach sounds to "Windows" like "My Recipies (750)" in the settings etc.


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