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June 9, 2008
I'm trying out different skins to find one I like, but there seem to be some bugs in older skins and I suspect that it's because MP has been updated since the skin was made.

So it would be nice to have a list with the skins that have been made especially for MP 1.0 final or has been updated and tested on MP 1.0 final.

Skins untill now:

Xface 1.7
Blue3wide Retro
Black & White 1080 v1.1
Dark-Essentials (720p wide)

I'll update this list with the those I find, in case someone else want to know without having to browse the whole forum.


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    I think Bleazle has an update in the forum for fixes for MP 1.0 as well. And PureVision was updated to the lastest SVN before MP 1.0 and I think it is working pretty well. You can check the PureVision forum for updated files for some plugins like My Lyrics.

    If you are looking for plugin support, not just MP 1.0 core features, well, things are in a bit of transition atm. MP1.0 was just released before the holidays and the skin developers and plugin developers having been trying to implement all the new features. I think there are still issues in the 'major' plugins (TVSeries, MyFilms, Moving Pictures. etc) that the developers have been working hard to correct. A lot of the skin developers are waiting to be able to incorporate these changes so their skins will support these important plugins. But you can manage to function pretty well with a lot of them. Life's hardly worth living without a perfect MP!

    Hope that helps you out. We all gotta be patient for now while the dust settles. (I'm using 4:3 and there is only a couple skins working (mostly) for MP 1.0)

    P.S. I'm sure you've noticed there are several great new skins being developed, so that's something to look forward to!


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    March 27, 2008
    StreamedMP is as up to date as possible, especially with the TVSeries Plugin as normally new features added to TVSeries are first tested with the StreamedMP Skin since one of the people working on the Skin is working on TVSeries also.


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    March 17, 2008
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    Blue3++ is also supporting 1.0 final.

    Soon there will be a new release (0.2) fixing a lot of issues. Take a look at google code page if interested.
    Also supporting newest MPTVSeries and a lot of other plugins

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