skins/lplugins: suggestion for default plugin gui. Possible? (1 Viewer)


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  • April 22, 2004
    As you all know, I am no programmer and cannot do xml :)

    There is an increasing number of skins (4 new ones are under development) and an increasing number of plugins. Both is fantastic.

    I wonder if it makes sense to implement a default gui screen for plugins, when nothing especially defined for this plugin is found.

    For example: Place 6 buttons on the left side, a headline and a text area. One button may be reserved for switching (like view). If the plugin uses only 3 buttons, the other 3 will remain emty or are suppressed. Don´t know where the actions of the buttons are defined and if they are general or very specific for the plugin. Maybe have action 1 assigned to button 1 and let the plugin say what action 1 is.

    Probably all nonsense I am writing.
    The idea is, can there be a way to let basic functions of a plugin work in any skin without adjusting the skin?

    I could imagine some sort of a more generalistic concept will be needed to make all skins compatible with all plugins. Maybe the skin editor can help here, too, at lest later on.

    Your comments?


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