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June 25, 2007
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Hopefully someone will have already cracked this one as it is doing my head in!

Basically I have a Jetway card (RF in/out) and a PACE SKY box in the UK.

I want to connect from the RF out on the PACE Box (already told the box to let me do that in the service menu) and then display the result through media portal via the TV card.

In theory all that should be as easy as plugging the cable in - in practice I cannot get either MyTV or TVServer to see that input.

Anyone with any clues?:D


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April 17, 2006
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I'm no expert in this area but if you're connecting through the RF leads, you will need to tune your TV card to receive the SKY signal, just as you would BBC 1. I think the channel used by your Sky box can be dispalyed on the the Pace setup screen.



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