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richard willacy

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January 10, 2006
hi there this is my first time on this forum so i just want to say hi there to all,my name is richard and i have got this skystar2 pci card problem, the thing is i have installed this card into my pc and got this progdvb 7.1.
new software and i can get all channels that are free, but the picture is some what bad it keeps frezzing up all the time, now there is this elecard name and a few more names, now the codecs video, that i have dont do anything for the picture at all, i was just wondering if some body out there had on of these cards and could tell me what there settings are, because if been trying to do some mpeg2 recordings and there rubbish
because the film keeps frezzing, any help out there would be good for me, and a big thank you to anybody
who helps me[/url][/list]

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