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November 23, 2004
I tried the search, but did not know for which keywords to serach.

When watching TV (no matter which codec) and there is (fast) motion it seems that the picture is sliced horizontaly.
It seems that the upper part shows the old frame, where the lower part of the screen shows already the next frame.

There is only one cut I can recognize. The faster the motion the more obvious does it become.
I think it must be something with the timing or syncing, but does not know where and how I can fix this.
I have set the gfx card (tv-out) to 720x576@50Hz, which should be the correct setting for germany and PAL system.

So what to do? Can someone point me into the right direction.


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  • February 23, 2005
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    Sounds like you are referring to what is often referred to as "tearing" - it can usually be fixed by selecting "enable exclusive DirectX control" in the MP Configuration general section..... :)


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    November 23, 2004
    yeah :) "tearing" .. could be..
    so thats the prove that my english far from beeing perfekt: did not thought about that expression..

    I will give it a try..

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