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January 13, 2007
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I'm currently experimenting with plugin development. In doing so, I noticed I'm missing a way to have my callback function called by the message processing thread.

Recent svn builds already have GUIWindowManager.SendThreadCallbackAndWait() but in my case the function should not wait. So I added the following method:

static public int SendThreadCallback(Callback callback, int param1, int param2, object data, bool wait)

For backward compatibility, I left the old function and modified it to call the new method with wait set to true.

The updated file is attached. It's based on an up-to-date svn-version of GUIWindowManager.cs.

I hope this patch will be accepted since it offers more possibilities to plugin developers (in my case, I use this patch to open a dialog from a process plugin - otherwise the remote is blocked until the dialog is dismissed).
Since it's a minor change and the behaviour of existing code is not changed, it could maybe (in my opinion) be merged even before release. This way one won't have to wait for the (or whatever) release.

Any comments are welcome,

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