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  • August 4, 2005
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    Setting up a DVB-C/T/S dual-tuner(or triple etc) is problematic at best because you need to buy not only multiple tuner cards, but also a seperate CAM and smartcard(which sometimes means paying the subscription twice).

    Without some kind of seperate smartcard reader support in MediaPortal( i dont dare discuss this topic due to all the legal issues apparantly surronding this :) you *will* need to buy multiple CAMs. However you dont need to buy multiple smartcards. I came upon the following product which actually works( i can confirm that it works with ViAccess CAMs and Twinhan Cab CI cards ):

    SmartWi is just a cardreader(master box) into which you put your *original* smartcard. You then put wireless slave cards into each of the tuners. Now when a tuner+CAM needs to query the smartcard, it asks the slave which then sends the request to the cardreader containing the real smartcard. The answer is then transmitted back to the slave card which can then respond to the tuner+CAM.

    Note that SmartWi doesnt in any way compromise the security of the card, it doesnt enable you to view something you havent paid for, it doesnt enable copying smartcards in, and the limited range of the wireless transmission means it cannot be abused to share the smartcard among several households.

    The product has recieved reviews in mainstream magazines, and should be entirely legal to use.

    And no, i dont work for them :) I was just pleasantly surprised to find that i didnt have to pay the cable tv subscription twice and thought this information might be useful for other people contemplating dual DVB tuner systems.


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  • July 28, 2004
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    The MediaPortal Team accept no responsibility for users using this device if it is deemed 'illegal' in your country.

    This is a commercial product solution which requires no code modifications to make this functionality work.

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