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June 19, 2007
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Not a plugin, but probably of use to plugin devs/coders.

snippet - Google Code

I coded a little prog that manages code snippets. For example you spend a bunch of time coding this awesome function, then 2 weeks later you want to use it again, and have to hunt through old code to find it...

So I made this to do it for me, and a guy in my class who was savbing them all in a word doc.

Can searc by date added, tags, title and a description.

Code display has syntax highlighting which is defined by xml files in the languages folder. To enable a new language place an appropriate xml file in languages folder, only c# available on release, just list keywords and the comment identifier (see C Sharp.xml for example).

If anyone does a new language, can the please send to me and I'll include in the package.

Keen to know what people think. Any issues etc. put on google code site, or if you must, here.


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