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  • May 7, 2004
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    Hi all,

    i was working on updated version of xface now for alpha release, so the vu meter stuff and new osd will work,
    but there is a huge bug inside MP Alpha release.
    With that Mp brakes the xface skin in fullscreen video and fullscreentv, because you have then there a topbar inside, what will not disapear. :(

    ..sorry, but with this bug inside mp, it will not make any sense at the moment todo a updated version of xface skin.:(

    ..we will have to wait untill this bug is fixed in mp.

    Greetings Harley


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    To bad

    Well Harley,

    that means that we will just wait it out. No use to switch to Alpha yet, as long as Xface with TVseries and MovingPictures is not part of the deal. Awsome job so far with MP guys. Only minor latency problems I encounter now are caused by the SQL database. If Alpha is eliminating this, then all will be just too sweet. I'm running a server/client/client configuration with a coax modulator, so XFACE is all over my house. Thnx for everything man!:D


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  • April 5, 2005
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    Hey Harley,

    could you give a note when you have solved the bug and XFace is finally useable for MP Alpha?


    The Stig


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  • May 7, 2004
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    Hi all,

    it was not a bug of Mp Alpha release, it was only a changing inside, i have not know.
    Now Xface is uptodate for the alpha release of MP and full working.
    After Chefkoch has helped me with the installer, i will upload a new overworked version of Xface

    Greetings Harley :)


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  • January 31, 2005
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    Now Xface is uptodate for the alpha release of MP and full working.
    Really happy to know that, great !! :)
    My point of view (if I can put into words my opinion) :
    1/ You are the "official" skinner of MP and, because of that, you are able to provide a great an also (most important IMHO) a very stable skin wich is able to work in all cases (I mean no bug found because of problems in skin).
    2/ Of course, no offense, even, if X-factor and Streamed-MP are REALLY wonderfull displaying also. (And here, is a man who is really bad/null/under zero in gfx who write this post).
    3/ Xface is the only skin I found wich is able to work either in 4/3 an 16/9 in one skin. (But, remember Project-X was very nice, also. ;))
    4/ If I could..., I'm afraid because of you (Team) found most users have 16/9 screens in your survey, B3 seems to be not exactly at the same level as B3 wide.
    5/ Seems some people doesn't like Mepo.

    Finally, because of all explained, of course, depending on MP Team decision, it could be really great that MP include Xface as stock skin (and maybe, defaut skin, why not ?)

    What do you think about ?

    PS : Really, many thanks for your hard work, if I had 1% of your skills in GFX, many plugins (like File Explorer, My Status, etc...) would be already out, for latest MP version, with MPE1 installer, improvements and so on.
    Please, continue to keep up the great work. :)

    Bests regards.


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