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    - It would be great if MP would be able to copy Pictures from a Camera to the HD just as the windows camera assistant (or something..) does. Connect a camera (or device containing pics), say: Please Copy to Share, select which pics, the target folder and file name and MP copies. Could probably be a plugin.

    - I do get prints of a select set of my pics and I usually forget which pics I already have in print and which I don't. So how about a print/develop pics function: You may specify a "Set of Pics for Print", add pics to it while browsing the db (Right-Click and "Add to Print Set") and when you are done you can either burn the collection, copy it to a folder/media or maybe send it to an online pic service etc. The information about the date it was printed should be preserved and I could browse the "printed" pics by these groups (usefull for reprint).

    - Allow categories to be modified in MP for each pic and a browse by category (see my prev. Post

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