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January 13, 2006
Hi all,

sorry if that problem was already posted, but I couldn't find any solution..

I really like the WebBrowser-plugin!

However, I still can't fix 2 things:

1) The world-Button (opening the OSD-Keyboard) doesn't work. I keep clicking, but nothing happens.

2) The plugin shows up twice (2x) in the plugin-section in MP-Setup, one is configurable, one isn't.. Thus It also shows up in the MP Menu twice. If I disable one of them, the plugin stops working in MP..

Any clues?

Thanx in advance!

EDIT: Sorry, I wanted to post in Plugins/Webbrowser.. I messed it up.. Could someone maybe move this post? ..clumsy me...


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April 30, 2006
Cheltenham, UK
I get this same issue too, the plugin appears twice in the menu. It seems like it appears once for the plugin and once for the process, any way to stop this?


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January 26, 2005
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wild9 said:
any way to stop this?
The Webbrowser plugin was contained in RC4, but removed after that. So to get rid of that behaviour, use the latest SVN build. The plugin would only appear once then.

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